Our goal is to guide patients with great caregivers and modern algorithm so that they can receive the care they need.


We build technologies which empower caregivers to make the best decisions. Our work is based on three principles.



Small to large assessments are used to find early risks and to create an outlook in the future for each patient.



All data is used to individualise assessments and careplans to tackle the unique challenges of our patients.



Everything we do is continually 

audited by our algorithm. This creates accountability and the opportunity to find new partners.



The amount of diseases rapidly increases with age. Individual health characteristics are at their peak in the older age. This is the reason that we decide to build software not to standardise care but to design individual care for every case. We firmly believe that it is possible to create a better health for everyone with technology.


While our caregivers consult our system collect all kind of data. These data are analysed in real time and helps the caregivers to make the right decision. And of course the bureaucratic processes are digitalised and automated.

About Us

We are Entyre. A health care startup based in Hamburg with the mission to guide Patients. We do that not by automate humans instead we work everyday hard to augmenting human intelligence and enable our caregivers to be the best they can. Today we operate all over Germany with thousands of Patients.